Hoshti Goshtas (rpeate) wrote in thepawn,
Hoshti Goshtas

Tonight at the Wiltern

My wife, Robin, and I just got back from the Fiona show. She was very good, over all. The set list:

Get Him Back (album III)
Better Version of Me (III)
Shadowboxer (I)
To Your Love (II)
I Know (II)
Sleep to Dream (I)
Limp (II)
Paper Bag (II)
Used to Love Him (III)
Oh, Well (III)
On the Bound (II)
Red Red Red (III)
Not About Love (III)
Oh, Sailor (III)
Get Gone (II)
Fast As You Can (II)
Extraordinary Machine (III)
Criminal (I)
Parting Gift (III)

She said that "To Your Love" and "Red Red Red" were songs she "meant very much".

Before "Sleep to Dream", she said, "Here's my new thing: I don't do a whole lot of talking anymore. You'd thank me if you knew."

After "Paper Bag", a fan threw a necklace onstage. Fiona put it on for the rest of the show.

Before "Criminal", she said, "Want some junk food? Here's some junk food."

But over all she was very sweet, quirky, and beautiful, as always, and she actually succeeded in persuading me that her official versions are how she wants her songs to sound, that she stands by her butchery. I simply differ with her artistically.

Oh, and James Spader was in the audience, with a female companion. I spent ten minutes debating whether to ask him to relay my compliments to Bill Shatner (my favorite television actor of all time), until I remembered the rule: treat celebrities normally, because that is how they wish to be treated. So I left him alone. He and his companion departed about halfway through the show.

My wife was disappointed that I did not enjoy the show as much as she did, but I do not feel the same about Fiona. No one could be more disappointed in this development than I am, as she was my favorite for seven years. Robin called me a "killjoy", but it was Fiona who killed joy, not I. I was disappointed that Fiona did that to me.

For the record, however, the audience seemed orgiastic with joy and adoration of Fiona. Robin commented that Fiona's fans were even more rabid than Tori Amos', and that that was saying a lot.

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